Well Brandon was disappointed for not getting any prizes from holiday camp and since its Xmas as well. Decided to reward him with an Xbox Kinect. Hopefully it can help him to slim down and also keep him occupied by doing something active rather than sitting on the sofa vegetating.

Xbox kinect from Pang on Vimeo.

Clever Holiday Camp 2012

Well its the holidays again so we had to enrol Brandon to another holiday camp so we wont hear him whining and crying about being bored at home. So for the next 3 weeks he spent it from 10am-3pm everyday for 5 days a week going for outings and attending workshops. And at the end of the camp they graduate by giving a performance at their annual concert at the Mun Yee Primary School at Tmn P. Ramlee. This year Debbie had to go for a wedding dinner at Saujana Hotel. But before that we went to Ikano to shop around and also to bring Lucas and Brandon to Kidzania. Sa Yee and Ah Yee went with them in the afternoon and when evening comes I had to become driver to fetch Brandon to the concert and Debbie to Saujana Hotel for the dinner. Almost missed the performance as it was drizzling abit on the way back from Saujana Hotel.

Last year at least they had some consolation prize. This year they were not so nice. Brandon ended with no prize to bring home.

Clever2012 from Pang on Vimeo.

Brandons group made "The Unfortunate Boy" which we asked, " Did you give the group the idea for the animation? Is the boy Brandon becoz he's so clumsy".

1st winner was the Oppa Gangnam style, 2nd went to the Detailed fighting scene

Clever Animation from Pang on Vimeo.