Happy New Year 2013

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Lucas 1st Day at Kindy

Today is the day of orientation for Lucas 1st day at school. Its as if he knows that he's starting school soon as he's been very persistent to play with his bags and also try to write with pencils.

The kids were mostly his age were bunched up to the same class but most of them came late eventually the kids swelled up to 29 in his class.Lucas was not his usual self. As he did a lot of surveying and refused to join in any of the class activities mainly playing with toys, singing and dancing. A few times he managed to slip out of class since everyone's busy. There so many parents who came and all the 4 corners of the compound was full of cars. So we waited till they went home at 1030am . Only then we went out for makan.

Lucas 1stday from Pang on Vimeo.