Clever Holiday Camp 2013

To keep Brandon from playing games all day long , we enrolled again to Clever Holiday Camp 2013. This year there wasn't much of the activities as in the past and the performances were really nonsense. In the end we took off not long after Brandon's performance.

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Trip up North

It was just after the school holidays and I had annual leaves to clear which I decided to make use of my company's bungalow holiday stay in Penang. So I booked one and also asked Auntie Tay and Brandon's friend Kevin from Ipoh to join along as well.
We had breakfast in Ipoh and shopped awhile before setting off to Penang. We took the ferry to reach Georgetown as the kids wanted to experience the ferry ride which was fun.

Ferry terminal from Pang on Vimeo.

Ferry view from Pang on Vimeo.

Well I should say we were rather disappointed to find the bungalow in such sad state. There were water dripping off the ceiling and I had to take a spanner to switch on the main pipe outside the house. Come on! You got to be kidding ,Im supposed to be on holiday not worry about plumbing issues

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So I quickly called up another homestay in Bayan Baru and paid up as soon as we got there but it was a killer jam which took us an hour to reach from Georgetown. I don't envy the life of a Penangite.

Night balcony view from Pang on Vimeo.

The next day we went to the nearby Sunshine market for breakfast and took the back road from Balik Pulau road to reach the Butterfly Farm. The road was narrow and windy.

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Morning balcony view from Ploonghin on Vimeo.

Butterfly farm from Ploonghin on Vimeo.

The ride back from Penang was quick as we stopped over at Low Wong for chicken rice. But the ride back from Ipoh to KL was a long and jam one. We even had an incident at the Tapah rest stop where we accidently blocked a water tanker that the driver was even threatening to bang our car. Oh yeah last weekend I banged the car bumper and the front lip is off so I had to buy another one which I sourced fro Jusco Cheras Selatan,

Happenings at Auntie Tays house

Lucas the barber wannabe

Lucas Barber from Pang on Vimeo.

Rachel's way of turning off to sleep

Rachel play from Pang on Vimeo.

Lucas play acting at home

Lucas teddy bear from Pang on Vimeo.

Spore NSRCC trip

This trip was originally planned by Doreen last round but I had to decline the last round but this time is to make up for the lost trip. This round we planned to drive down and pick Ah Ma n Ah Kung on the way to Spore passing by Muar. On the way we managed to stock up on the fish supplies for the month. It seems the drop in sugar subsidy and also the GST announcement had jacked up the price of fish to CNY season price.
It seems from the newspaper findings quoted "Several amendments, which have been made to the Fisheries Act in 1985 but only enforced on Nov 1 include the use of fishing nets measuring 3m-wide with mesh sizes not smaller than 38mm. Local fishermen are also required to be on their vessels during fishing activities and they are no longer allowed to hire foreign labourers to work on their vessels." Therefore becoz of these policies the fishermen staged protests around the country.

We set off early on Sunday morning and reached Spore quite early. Traffic at the Causeway was ok, we managed to visit Sway Ko at Chestnut Close at Bukit Timah before stopping at Tampines Mall Jade Express to have lunch with the rest of the Muar gang. Ah Choon and Doreen set off earlier than us then picked up Diana at the airport since she took the flight instead of following our car. Finally managed to check in at NSRCC, Changi. The bungalow was well renovated and clean. But there were only 2 rooms but the living room and kitchen was spacious. Brought the kids for a swim at the club house. The first night we had dinner at Tampines HK Street Jia Kee.

The 2nd day we planned to go the Sentosa RW Oceanarium reputed to be the world's largest oceanarium. We found the place quite interesting with the Typhoon Theatre and also the props and display on the history of traders and nations that traded in the SEA region. We had lunch at Putien and by the time we left it was raining heavily on the way back. BY the time we reached the bungalow I was exhausted. When I woke up it was time for dinner so I started the fire , it was still drizzling but luckily it stopped and we managed to celebrate Brandons birthday and also had BBQ for dinner.

Final day set off early in the morning and stopped by Yong Peng for lunch before reaching Muar, then set off for KL after a short rest then reached KL by 7pm. Happy but exhausted, all thanks to Sa Yee for arranging the trip for all of us.

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Sentosa RW Casino from Pang on Vimeo.

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NSRCC Bungalows from Pang on Vimeo.

Its the weekend

We were planning to have some shopping for some furniture @Homedec KLCC but ended up buying only bean bags. Incidently there was a Science Festival @ Suria KLCC. Brunch we tried some Thai food @TTDI, it was ok but Lucas enjoyed himself playing next door pet shop.

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Misc happenings at home

Saw a comic strip from Star the other and I made fun of Brandon. hahah :p

Rachel likes Kin Kin Pan mee

Rachel n kin kin from Pang on Vimeo.

20130925_213956.mp4 from Pang on Vimeo.

Tried Jin Xuan dim sumat Uptown but food was cold

Titiwangsa weekend

The kids were bored we were bored and thought why not bring them to the nearby park to get their energy out of their system so they dont go crazy at home.

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20130916_091901.mp4 from Pang on Vimeo.

Gan family gatherings

Had a surprise visit by Martin from Spore who just wants to catch up and have dinner at Sentral.

Then we attended Li Yens wedding and took a holiday at PD Lexis resort.Li Yens husband is from Seremban.

PD LEXIS from Pang on Vimeo.

Lucas in hospital

Well after Lucas stayed over at our place we noticed there were constant crying and breathing difficulties then sent to see Dr. Yau at Prima Setapak. But the situation turned for the worse on Friday so we went to see Dr. Yau again which we were promptly advised to admit Lucas at Gleneagles Hospital. We took 2 days off so it was a 4 day event while Debbie stayed to look after Lucas.

Doctor diagnosed early attacks of asthma / bronchitis,so we were to administer inhaler puffs every day till he is strong enough to be weaned off.

Found a gem of a restaurant Soo Kee while hunting for food.Very good char siew and fish also

Lucas nebeuliser from Pang on Vimeo.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节)

This years celebration was quiet as we were the only family around compared to previous years. It's really no fun since alot of them grew up and moved.

Happy Birthday to me

Sept my birthday but cant rest or take a break still need to bring them out or they drive everyone crazy.

Sekinchan, Tanjong Karang and Kuala Selangor here we come

During the Hari Raya holiday we wanted to arrange a trip, earlier we were supposed to go Spore , we even made passport for Rachel but unfortunately I had to work on those days. So we made another trip instead so as not to disappoint Brandon as he would be the first to complain that we never bring him anywhere during the holidays. So we decided some place close like Sekinchan. Unfortunately its not in season as you can see fro the pictures all the rice fields has been harvested nonetheless they had other attractions as well, mostly seafood.

We planned to leave on Friday morning after breakfast at Sky Rest. then I took the North South highway exited at Rawang to connect using the Latar express way which we exited at Ijok before reaching Sekinchan abt 2 hrs later. The traffic was quite heavy so there was one or 2 accidents and lots of traffic in Kuala Selangor and Tanjong Karang area.

Our first stop was the rice factory at PLS Marketing (M)Sdn Bhd which to me is more like a shopping area for rice and other local products that they have. Bought some passion fruit juice which tasted more like cordial than real juice, yuck! Next was lunch we wanted to go to the restaurants at Bagan Sekinchan which all the places were full and nowhere to park. We passed by the restaurants like Guan Seng Loong, Jian Chyi, etc. Finally I settled for Cha Po Tion but then the queue there was too long so after awhile decided to leave and find other places.Sosince we weren't huungry decided to look for some local seafood products store at Dong Xin (fka Chin Fatt) afterwards looked for lunch and we saw there was 1 empty table at Chai Lee. After a long wait lunch was served and it was worth the wait. Price and taste was ok. Best thing was they served free ice cream. Afterwards we checked in at the Firefly villa that was highly recommended by Tripadvisor. We had a bit of trouble looking for the place as the whole area was either plantation fields or kampung houses.

Once checked in I wanted to nap awhile but then daddy duty calls. The kids wanted to go swimming so I had to change and bring them in. The weather was hot and the water was warm. The place looked clean and comfortable, there were lots of dead animal skins and Lucas was a bit afraid of them. Later we wanted to go Bukit Malawati but when we reached they said that the tram ride was closed and Lucas was too tired after the swim that he fell asleep so we decided to go for dinner instead. We had a choice of Kuan Hwa or Hai Ung . Both of the place were packed, so luckily I managed to park at Hai Ung so we scouted and waited for our dinner.It was like a mad house as there were so many people waiting for a table then waiting for their food. Sigh ! eat also stress as people were eyeing for our table since we took a big table but only half occupied. The view was nice as we saw sunset while waiting for dinner. It took us 2 hrs by the time we finished it was already 9 something. Price and food wise was ok.

P8097197 from Pang on Vimeo.

So off we went to see the firefies at Bukit Belimbing as they were closer , had better boats and better facilities there. By the time we reached they had closed as they mentioned it was low tide and it wasn't safe. So disappointed we went back to the villa. During day time it was ok driving through the plantations. But this was 9pm at night and most of these places were pitch black dark. So it was abit worrying as we drove on but couldn't see any signs of civilisations like street lights, cars, houses, etc we drove like that for about 20 min till we saw some houses and back to the main road. Brandon heaved a sigh of relief , wow! a journey back is such an adventure.

The next morning we had a nice and simple breakfast then checked out and left for the Bukit Malawati tram ride. It was fun for the kids as they got to see the monkeys and fishes at the aquarium. Then proceeded for lunch again at Pasir Penambang this time we selected Kuan Hwa instead. This time round the food was just badly prepared and overpriced. We left and tried to do some shopping at The market but the fish wasn't fresh so off we went home instead. Everyone was sleeping on the way back luckily we got back in KL in about 1hr 20 min and decided to eat at home for dinner. I need a nap and a good rest.

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Lucas Cold War Ended

After weeks having the cold war with Lucas, finally it ended and he is back at home sleeping . He slept over on Sunday but on Monday he is back at Aunties house again. Looks like our home is his weekend house. Auntie Tay is on leave this week so we asked Ah Ma n Ah Kung to come n babysit the kids this week.

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Happy 1st Birthday Rachel

Today supposed to be the first birthday for Rachel, unfortunately Debbie had to leave for HK for work. Then by the time I got to realise it I didnt prepare anything for her. Well we did do a joint celebration in Muar last week but its just a bad excuse for me being a lazy Daddy not celebrating for Rachel. Luckily Auntie Tay bought a cake for Rachel to have a special celebration for her. Too bad for Rachel as she knocked her nose and lips blue black yesterday as well.

Rachels bday from Pang on Vimeo.

Hazy sickly July

These past few weeks we have one bad news after another. First was the haze then we had our JB relative passed away, Muar API level was the highest in the country then Ah Kung got asthma attack then I got the flu. Sigh! so tired of being sick. Then Lucas decides against going home everyday and stays over at Aunty house. Its been close to 3 weeks already, he only comes back during the weekend when he knows we usually go out so he could have some fun outside. Then he had a mild form of chicken pox so he stayed home for 1 week.
Spent some time in Muar to celebrate July babies birthday with Rachel and Ah Kong.

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Langkawi Part 5

This is another Langkawi trip but this time round Auntie Tay and Rachel comes along as well. This time we are staying at new hotels again White Lodge Chalets and Cosy Apartments.

First day we left in a hurry due to forgotten to take Rachels sucker so I had to run back to the house to take it. Then we were delayed in checking the bags in. Then Brandon wanted to eat Noodle Hot Cup that he nearly choked trying to swallow while we were boarding the plane. Once arrived managed to book the Island hopping tour charter for 250 and Innova for 4 days 500. Then off for lunch. We reached a local place called Jom Ikan Bakar at Padang Matsirat close to the petrol station. It was a bad move for me. Later during the day I was feeling queasy and had diarrhea. It lasted for 2 days and I had to visit the hospital to get some medicine. As it turned out Debbie had the flu on the first day as well so we were quite tired from the outings. We checked in at White Lodge then went to Under Water World. The place was packed with tourist and such and we found parking was quite packed so I parked behind the complex and we saw the Pantai Cenang beach area which was full of people and activities. Its been awhile back since we last came but glad that they have improved on the overall facilities. Most important that we had air-cond to help cope with the heat. After that we went to the nearby stalls and duty free shops. Finally for dinner we wanted to have at Pantai Cenang so we though maybe Yellow Cafe But it was closed for renovation. Then we settled for T-Jays Pizza Food was good as we had some pizza and pasta. The hotel rooms had only TV1,2 and 3. So nothing much to watch in the afternoon so slept early.

P5316975 from Pang on Vimeo.

P5316974 from Pang on Vimeo.

P5316961 from Pang on Vimeo.

The second day Debbie was feeling much better while I went for the worse. We tried to have Red Tomato for breakfast but they only opened at 9am so we had some food at the gerai opposite instead. Luckily Brandon ordered McD last night so I bought him breakfast set so he wouldn't complain throughout the day later. Off we went to Tanjung Malai to get on the boat for island hopping mainly the Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Bras Basah. Auntie Tay was terrified of the boat ride she wouldn't look to the front. First stop Pulau Dayang Bunting was tiring becoz we had to climb up the hill to reach the fresh water lake. So Lucas and Brandon had some fun playing on a platform for kids. The gathered monkeys along the foot path were very aggressive whom reminds me of some local gangsters. Next stop was the eagle feeding area at Pulau Singa Besar then on to Pulau Bras Basah where the beach which Debbie commented was quite soft, white and clean. The kids had fun but Lucas was quite passive and wanted to remain in the shades so I accompanied him. Debbie was quite resourceful to take Rachels birthday celebraton canvas to be used as a picnic mat for us to sit on at the beach. The place had a well nearby so visitors could actually draw water from the well to wash themselves but we took a few bottles of fresh water with us so we didn't need to draw water from the well. Went straight to Kuah town to have lunch at May Yi Restaurant which we came last round and I dont remember what we had for lunch most probably was because I had stomach pain and I didnt want to think about food. Wanted to go to the clinic next door but they were closed again , I remembered the last round we came and wanted to get some medicine they were closed as well. I really wonder what goes through these quack doctors that they can go on leave when its the tourist season. Anyway tried some Po Chai pills and some other chinese medicine as well. Didn't work. So we checked in at the new Cosy Apartment and it was a pleasant surprise as it was spacious and cheap but was disappointed with the plywood wall and the water retaining toilet. Then Debbie wanted to shop at Teow Soon Huat so I dropped them in town while I went to the hospital to get some medication. It was in the evening at 5pm not much people were around and I managed to settled everything in 10 minutes. On the way driving back it makes me wonder how thankful we are that we can still get good , efficient government services. I'm proud to be a Malaysian and proud of the civil servants that serves the nation with integrity and pride. Or maybe it was becoz I was damn desperate due to the sickness. So I went back to pick up Debbie and took the doctors advice and had some bread and teh o kosong KAU. It felt much better that night after the medication. Dinner I took them to Pandak Mayah Sunshine restaurant so that they can scout around for some shopping as well. Skipped the pasar malam since I was sick and we slept early.

P6017017 from Pang on Vimeo.

P6017018 from Pang on Vimeo.

P6017035 from Ploonghin on Vimeo.

Feeling much better on the third day we went to have breakfast at Red Tomato and we ordered the breakfast set. Brandon liked it as well. But Brandon was feeling quite bad maybe due to yesterdays excessive heat and sun. He complained of headache and keep wanting to sleep in. So went to Hospital Langkawi again to pick up some medication for Brandon before going the stop. Doctor couldnt find what was wrong with him just said plenty of rest and water with some paracetamol. Next stop was the Cable car at Gunung Mat Chincang. It was drizzling a bit so was afraid they would have closed. But off we went while Auntie Tay stayed back with Rachel since she was afraid of heights. The queue was ok as we managed to get on the cable car after only 30 min wait. But Brandon kept wailing and crying due to the headache and difference in air pressure. Took a few shots then came down. Went to Scarborough for some fish and chips since Brandon asked for some during breakfast. The food was ok but Brandon finished the chips instead of the fish. Haiyah wasted I cannot eat much becoz still got tummy ache. The environment was good as it was near the beach we had the cool breeze and nostalgic music from the past (50's and 60's). Supposed to go to Kompleks Kraf Tangan but since Brandon was complaining we drove back to rest instead. Dinner was at my favorite Wan Thai. The place was still good as ever service and food was still great. Went to Pandak Mayah area to shop some more before coming back to apartment to rest. Finally caught some good shows on TV. Ringer and Last Resort was shown on TV2 had stayed up till 2am to finish watching the shows.

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P6027087 from Debbie on Vimeo.

P6027097 from Debbie on Vimeo.

Last day, had breakfast at the regular food court at the Water Garden. Then past by White Lodge to pick up my charger. Lost Lucas's cap and Rachel's sucker toy in Langkawi. Then off we fly back to KL. Got home and rested. What a relief to be at home.

Ah Ma n Kung KL visit

The long Vesak holiday weekend Debbie wanted to try something new at OKR called Goon Wah. Im sure if you click the link the other bloggers would have taken better photos and reviews, we just go there eat and enjoy. Food not bad, parking very difficult. Will I return? Most probably not because they only open on weekdays! Huh? becoz they do catering on weekends. So maybe we can cater from them next time la.

Then off to our new favorite shopping centre NSK. Yup this place is really cheap for some local stuffs cant say for all goods. But we can get a lot of fresh produce and pork. We have been here several times, the parking area is a bit dark. The crowd and long queues are quite bad as well. But lately we went upstairs ad discovered they had clothes and Citarasa steamboat restaurant. My parents cant praise enough of the good values from their sets.

The next day Ah Ma n Ah Kung came with Doreen n Ah Chun came to visit us and also Oku since he had started his chemo therapy for his lung cancer. So we went to Kg Baru Puchong Bt 14 to sample the yong tow foo. The place was really hot and food was ok. But later felt so thirsty I bet the MSG was a lot. We went kaikai at Tesco extra Puchong to enjoy the free air cond before visiting Diana at the new salon opened by Kwan Woei "Lush" at Damansara Uptown a stone throw away from his old boss "Wings". Tapao some duck and from Lau Heong to eat at home. Lazy to go out at night.

An unfortunate weekend

Well I thought this week would be just the weeks that had past but it was not meant to be. First Debbie had to travel to Jakarta for a meeting and on the day itself she found that her jewellery were missing. Then when she got to airport she lost her iphone. When she got to Jakarta her laptop crashed. While trying to get back from Jakarta her flight got delayed by 3 hrs. By the time she reached everyone was already asleep. Then Lucas had fever and we went him to get some medicine. Finally got a call that Auntie Siew Nar's husband had passed away. So we went to visit them on Sunday.

Now to cheer things up Debbie got a new Note II since she has been itching to change her phone so now she had the chance. It really looks cool and nice. Lucas had his haircut and we tried a new Lam Mee noodles place at Uptown. Then had some good food hunting in Sg Buloh at Restoran Soon Hock. Service was slow and the presentation was crude but overall it was nice, the steam tilapia didn't have any muddy smell. We saw some reviews by Food most wanted.

St Ronan Mothers Day celebration

This is Lucas first performance in St Ronan well besides the Sports day event , this is another performance he was in. Well I guess he managed quite well as he didn't cry or make a fuss. He just follow instruction and stand there for a short while the song finished. Sigh! what a relief after his performance I could at least relax and have something to eat. We brought him to school early this morning as bus intended to come earlier so we took him to school instead. I misjudged the uniform of the day as Friday usually its Sports Day but most of the other kids came in the normal uniform.

Debbie had to take leave to attend the markers meeting and go jolly after that so I had to take half day leave and become the daddy representing the mummy instead. After I brought Lucas home abt 1130am so I had to take off to work.

StRonan-MothDay1 from Pang on Vimeo.

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StRonan-MothDay9 from Pang on Vimeo.

St Ronan Sports Day 2013

Its that time again for St Ronan to have the annual Sports Day.We thought the little fella would have skiped the event. but then the teacher called up and informed that Lucas would be participating in the event. We heard from Mrs Nila that Lucas has been practising his run and hanging of fish. But each time he would ask for a sweet to bribe him to run.

Luckily we had our breakfast first before reaching the school slightly late, just as well as they havent start the event yet. Else we would have had a longer wait. Finally the whole event was over for us since Lucas had the first event since they were the youngest.And everyone went home to rest after that. Needles to say the place was hot and stuffy that you could see the look from Rachel's face that she wasn't happy.

Brandon sought to entertain himself by joining in a game of badminton with the local boys while waiting for Lucas to finish. Though Lucas team got last but all of them got a prize.

P4216860 from Pang on Vimeo.

P4216861 from Pang on Vimeo.

P4216857 from Pang on Vimeo.

P4216859 from Pang on Vimeo.

P4216856 from Pang on Vimeo.

P4216850 from Pang on Vimeo.

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas

Coincidently, Debbie had a gathering of PWC alumni at our house that was the same day as Lucas birthday so we had a double cake blowing ceremony. Later at dinner Auntie Tay bought another cake for Lucas, I topped up some KFC with some left over from the lunch gathering.

From 201304A0

Later in the evening brought him to Molly Fantasy @Festival Mall to enjoy the playground activities and continued tomorrow morning at Publika.

Angan angan Mimpi Kontraktor JKR! from Pang on Vimeo.

Cake blowing Round 1 from Pang on Vimeo.

Saliva all over, Round 2 from Pang on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday KungKung PoPo

Month of March is Kung Kung and Po Po's birthday. When we were young it used to be focused on us but now is our turn to celebrate for them. So Debbie offered to cook for the whole family. It was another gathering of the 8 cousins.

Incidently after years of renovation Kompleks Galleria has been transformed to Wisma HRIH Lotus. It has been years since I last stepped on to the building. And it was a pleasant surprise to see it has been refurnished as a Buddhist education centre.

PD trip

Mui Khee had some time share stays at Lexis PD so she asked us whether we wanted to go or not? Aiyo for the sake of the kids go lo. But then these few weeks naughty Lucas always kacau us at night with his cries and screaming. ARgh.... Hmph....We always ask him " Lucas !!!! why u so.... cute but so naughty as well.

Bz bz bz CNY

On the last day of CNY 15th day Chap Goh Mei, we had a pleasant surprise by my sister who wanted hold a feast for the Pang family gathering. I felt bad becoz I didn't really contribute much as I just came to eat and left early. Margaret really put in a lot of effort and I can't complain much as the event was really a get together for the children as well as the adults. It was a special event as last year we had 3 babies so this time around we could see all 3 of them.  The order of the cousins was Rachel, Ting Riek and Natalie.

Cute or not? 

This was Brandons handiwork but I think he wrote it wrong it should have been 大地回春 instead.

Last weekend we wanted to try something different, since we had been going to Publika almost every weekend. We decided to try something new. We went to Kuchai Lama instead. Becoz Debbie had heard so much about NSK where they had good bargains on food as well as pork, so off we went. Before that we wanted to go for some dim sum ,so saw some blogs about Kam Hin then when we got there ( got lost also) it was changed to Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong.  The queue was crazy it was as if these people had nothing better to do but wait for their turn to pay money. It was like a 5-6 unit of shop lots combined to 1 BIG restaurant. So we had a back up plan to look for Nippy Noodles. Luckily we got a parking place right in front of the restaurant and got some empty tables for us to sit. I was very grumpy as I was disturbed by the kids the whole week I didn't have enough sleep. Luckily the food was goooood. Definitely worth a visit the next time. Then with our stomachs filled, off we went to NSK. We saw an ex-colleague from Folks , funny I had a feeling that we would meet as she mentioned that she stays in OKR area. The place at NSK was exactly like pasar, very chaotic and lots of people around, I wasn't feeling chatty and it was quite noisy, I didn't get to say goodbye also. Saw another familiar face there as well It was my ex-house mates friends where we haven't kept in touch for very long as well. Didn't get to say hello as well. I doubt that he recognises me.After that, go home sleep tong tong chiang, very  very sleepy indeed.

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

February was such a short month with so many holidays. But we were so busy with work, most of the time we were enjoying the holidays at home taking care of the kids.

P2116268 from Pang on Vimeo.

P2116269 from Pang on Vimeo.

P2116271 from Pang on Vimeo.

P2116386 from Pang on Vimeo.

Liondance from Pang on Vimeo.

Yii.... Eat hand..... eat hand

This was a story Auntie Ah Tay told us the other day. Normally for Chinese eating chicken feet is a an everyday scene mostly when we boil soup we would usually put in the chicken feet to add the extra taste of cheap protein and at the end of a meal we would munch on the boiled chicken feet right?

So this was what happened the other day when Auntie Ah Tay was munching on the boiled chicken feet, when suddenly Lucas saw then exclaim, "Hand ! hand! Yi.... you eat hand!

You tell me, does it look like small hands or not?
After awhile Auntie also felt queasy eating it then stopped eating and threw away the rest.