Happy Birthday KungKung PoPo

Month of March is Kung Kung and Po Po's birthday. When we were young it used to be focused on us but now is our turn to celebrate for them. So Debbie offered to cook for the whole family. It was another gathering of the 8 cousins.

Incidently after years of renovation Kompleks Galleria has been transformed to Wisma HRIH Lotus. It has been years since I last stepped on to the building. And it was a pleasant surprise to see it has been refurnished as a Buddhist education centre.

PD trip

Mui Khee had some time share stays at Lexis PD so she asked us whether we wanted to go or not? Aiyo for the sake of the kids go lo. But then these few weeks naughty Lucas always kacau us at night with his cries and screaming. ARgh.... Hmph....We always ask him " Lucas !!!! why u so.... cute but so naughty as well.

Bz bz bz CNY

On the last day of CNY 15th day Chap Goh Mei, we had a pleasant surprise by my sister who wanted hold a feast for the Pang family gathering. I felt bad becoz I didn't really contribute much as I just came to eat and left early. Margaret really put in a lot of effort and I can't complain much as the event was really a get together for the children as well as the adults. It was a special event as last year we had 3 babies so this time around we could see all 3 of them.  The order of the cousins was Rachel, Ting Riek and Natalie.

Cute or not? 

This was Brandons handiwork but I think he wrote it wrong it should have been 大地回春 instead.

Last weekend we wanted to try something different, since we had been going to Publika almost every weekend. We decided to try something new. We went to Kuchai Lama instead. Becoz Debbie had heard so much about NSK where they had good bargains on food as well as pork, so off we went. Before that we wanted to go for some dim sum ,so saw some blogs about Kam Hin then when we got there ( got lost also) it was changed to Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong.  The queue was crazy it was as if these people had nothing better to do but wait for their turn to pay money. It was like a 5-6 unit of shop lots combined to 1 BIG restaurant. So we had a back up plan to look for Nippy Noodles. Luckily we got a parking place right in front of the restaurant and got some empty tables for us to sit. I was very grumpy as I was disturbed by the kids the whole week I didn't have enough sleep. Luckily the food was goooood. Definitely worth a visit the next time. Then with our stomachs filled, off we went to NSK. We saw an ex-colleague from Folks , funny I had a feeling that we would meet as she mentioned that she stays in OKR area. The place at NSK was exactly like pasar, very chaotic and lots of people around, I wasn't feeling chatty and it was quite noisy, I didn't get to say goodbye also. Saw another familiar face there as well It was my ex-house mates friends where we haven't kept in touch for very long as well. Didn't get to say hello as well. I doubt that he recognises me.After that, go home sleep tong tong chiang, very  very sleepy indeed.