St Ronan Sports Day 2013

Its that time again for St Ronan to have the annual Sports Day.We thought the little fella would have skiped the event. but then the teacher called up and informed that Lucas would be participating in the event. We heard from Mrs Nila that Lucas has been practising his run and hanging of fish. But each time he would ask for a sweet to bribe him to run.

Luckily we had our breakfast first before reaching the school slightly late, just as well as they havent start the event yet. Else we would have had a longer wait. Finally the whole event was over for us since Lucas had the first event since they were the youngest.And everyone went home to rest after that. Needles to say the place was hot and stuffy that you could see the look from Rachel's face that she wasn't happy.

Brandon sought to entertain himself by joining in a game of badminton with the local boys while waiting for Lucas to finish. Though Lucas team got last but all of them got a prize.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas

Coincidently, Debbie had a gathering of PWC alumni at our house that was the same day as Lucas birthday so we had a double cake blowing ceremony. Later at dinner Auntie Tay bought another cake for Lucas, I topped up some KFC with some left over from the lunch gathering.

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Later in the evening brought him to Molly Fantasy @Festival Mall to enjoy the playground activities and continued tomorrow morning at Publika.

Angan angan Mimpi Kontraktor JKR! from Pang on Vimeo.

Cake blowing Round 1 from Pang on Vimeo.

Saliva all over, Round 2 from Pang on Vimeo.