Ah Ma n Kung KL visit

The long Vesak holiday weekend Debbie wanted to try something new at OKR called Goon Wah. Im sure if you click the link the other bloggers would have taken better photos and reviews, we just go there eat and enjoy. Food not bad, parking very difficult. Will I return? Most probably not because they only open on weekdays! Huh? becoz they do catering on weekends. So maybe we can cater from them next time la.

Then off to our new favorite shopping centre NSK. Yup this place is really cheap for some local stuffs cant say for all goods. But we can get a lot of fresh produce and pork. We have been here several times, the parking area is a bit dark. The crowd and long queues are quite bad as well. But lately we went upstairs ad discovered they had clothes and Citarasa steamboat restaurant. My parents cant praise enough of the good values from their sets.

The next day Ah Ma n Ah Kung came with Doreen n Ah Chun came to visit us and also Oku since he had started his chemo therapy for his lung cancer. So we went to Kg Baru Puchong Bt 14 to sample the yong tow foo. The place was really hot and food was ok. But later felt so thirsty I bet the MSG was a lot. We went kaikai at Tesco extra Puchong to enjoy the free air cond before visiting Diana at the new salon opened by Kwan Woei "Lush" at Damansara Uptown a stone throw away from his old boss "Wings". Tapao some duck and from Lau Heong to eat at home. Lazy to go out at night.

An unfortunate weekend

Well I thought this week would be just the weeks that had past but it was not meant to be. First Debbie had to travel to Jakarta for a meeting and on the day itself she found that her jewellery were missing. Then when she got to airport she lost her iphone. When she got to Jakarta her laptop crashed. While trying to get back from Jakarta her flight got delayed by 3 hrs. By the time she reached everyone was already asleep. Then Lucas had fever and we went him to get some medicine. Finally got a call that Auntie Siew Nar's husband had passed away. So we went to visit them on Sunday.

Now to cheer things up Debbie got a new Note II since she has been itching to change her phone so now she had the chance. It really looks cool and nice. Lucas had his haircut and we tried a new Lam Mee noodles place at Uptown. Then had some good food hunting in Sg Buloh at Restoran Soon Hock. Service was slow and the presentation was crude but overall it was nice, the steam tilapia didn't have any muddy smell. We saw some reviews by Food most wanted.

St Ronan Mothers Day celebration

This is Lucas first performance in St Ronan well besides the Sports day event , this is another performance he was in. Well I guess he managed quite well as he didn't cry or make a fuss. He just follow instruction and stand there for a short while the song finished. Sigh! what a relief after his performance I could at least relax and have something to eat. We brought him to school early this morning as bus intended to come earlier so we took him to school instead. I misjudged the uniform of the day as Friday usually its Sports Day but most of the other kids came in the normal uniform.

Debbie had to take leave to attend the markers meeting and go jolly after that so I had to take half day leave and become the daddy representing the mummy instead. After I brought Lucas home abt 1130am so I had to take off to work.

StRonan-MothDay1 from Pang on Vimeo.

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