Langkawi Part 5

This is another Langkawi trip but this time round Auntie Tay and Rachel comes along as well. This time we are staying at new hotels again White Lodge Chalets and Cosy Apartments.

First day we left in a hurry due to forgotten to take Rachels sucker so I had to run back to the house to take it. Then we were delayed in checking the bags in. Then Brandon wanted to eat Noodle Hot Cup that he nearly choked trying to swallow while we were boarding the plane. Once arrived managed to book the Island hopping tour charter for 250 and Innova for 4 days 500. Then off for lunch. We reached a local place called Jom Ikan Bakar at Padang Matsirat close to the petrol station. It was a bad move for me. Later during the day I was feeling queasy and had diarrhea. It lasted for 2 days and I had to visit the hospital to get some medicine. As it turned out Debbie had the flu on the first day as well so we were quite tired from the outings. We checked in at White Lodge then went to Under Water World. The place was packed with tourist and such and we found parking was quite packed so I parked behind the complex and we saw the Pantai Cenang beach area which was full of people and activities. Its been awhile back since we last came but glad that they have improved on the overall facilities. Most important that we had air-cond to help cope with the heat. After that we went to the nearby stalls and duty free shops. Finally for dinner we wanted to have at Pantai Cenang so we though maybe Yellow Cafe But it was closed for renovation. Then we settled for T-Jays Pizza Food was good as we had some pizza and pasta. The hotel rooms had only TV1,2 and 3. So nothing much to watch in the afternoon so slept early.

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The second day Debbie was feeling much better while I went for the worse. We tried to have Red Tomato for breakfast but they only opened at 9am so we had some food at the gerai opposite instead. Luckily Brandon ordered McD last night so I bought him breakfast set so he wouldn't complain throughout the day later. Off we went to Tanjung Malai to get on the boat for island hopping mainly the Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Bras Basah. Auntie Tay was terrified of the boat ride she wouldn't look to the front. First stop Pulau Dayang Bunting was tiring becoz we had to climb up the hill to reach the fresh water lake. So Lucas and Brandon had some fun playing on a platform for kids. The gathered monkeys along the foot path were very aggressive whom reminds me of some local gangsters. Next stop was the eagle feeding area at Pulau Singa Besar then on to Pulau Bras Basah where the beach which Debbie commented was quite soft, white and clean. The kids had fun but Lucas was quite passive and wanted to remain in the shades so I accompanied him. Debbie was quite resourceful to take Rachels birthday celebraton canvas to be used as a picnic mat for us to sit on at the beach. The place had a well nearby so visitors could actually draw water from the well to wash themselves but we took a few bottles of fresh water with us so we didn't need to draw water from the well. Went straight to Kuah town to have lunch at May Yi Restaurant which we came last round and I dont remember what we had for lunch most probably was because I had stomach pain and I didnt want to think about food. Wanted to go to the clinic next door but they were closed again , I remembered the last round we came and wanted to get some medicine they were closed as well. I really wonder what goes through these quack doctors that they can go on leave when its the tourist season. Anyway tried some Po Chai pills and some other chinese medicine as well. Didn't work. So we checked in at the new Cosy Apartment and it was a pleasant surprise as it was spacious and cheap but was disappointed with the plywood wall and the water retaining toilet. Then Debbie wanted to shop at Teow Soon Huat so I dropped them in town while I went to the hospital to get some medication. It was in the evening at 5pm not much people were around and I managed to settled everything in 10 minutes. On the way driving back it makes me wonder how thankful we are that we can still get good , efficient government services. I'm proud to be a Malaysian and proud of the civil servants that serves the nation with integrity and pride. Or maybe it was becoz I was damn desperate due to the sickness. So I went back to pick up Debbie and took the doctors advice and had some bread and teh o kosong KAU. It felt much better that night after the medication. Dinner I took them to Pandak Mayah Sunshine restaurant so that they can scout around for some shopping as well. Skipped the pasar malam since I was sick and we slept early.

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Feeling much better on the third day we went to have breakfast at Red Tomato and we ordered the breakfast set. Brandon liked it as well. But Brandon was feeling quite bad maybe due to yesterdays excessive heat and sun. He complained of headache and keep wanting to sleep in. So went to Hospital Langkawi again to pick up some medication for Brandon before going the stop. Doctor couldnt find what was wrong with him just said plenty of rest and water with some paracetamol. Next stop was the Cable car at Gunung Mat Chincang. It was drizzling a bit so was afraid they would have closed. But off we went while Auntie Tay stayed back with Rachel since she was afraid of heights. The queue was ok as we managed to get on the cable car after only 30 min wait. But Brandon kept wailing and crying due to the headache and difference in air pressure. Took a few shots then came down. Went to Scarborough for some fish and chips since Brandon asked for some during breakfast. The food was ok but Brandon finished the chips instead of the fish. Haiyah wasted I cannot eat much becoz still got tummy ache. The environment was good as it was near the beach we had the cool breeze and nostalgic music from the past (50's and 60's). Supposed to go to Kompleks Kraf Tangan but since Brandon was complaining we drove back to rest instead. Dinner was at my favorite Wan Thai. The place was still good as ever service and food was still great. Went to Pandak Mayah area to shop some more before coming back to apartment to rest. Finally caught some good shows on TV. Ringer and Last Resort was shown on TV2 had stayed up till 2am to finish watching the shows.

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Last day, had breakfast at the regular food court at the Water Garden. Then past by White Lodge to pick up my charger. Lost Lucas's cap and Rachel's sucker toy in Langkawi. Then off we fly back to KL. Got home and rested. What a relief to be at home.