Lucas Cold War Ended

After weeks having the cold war with Lucas, finally it ended and he is back at home sleeping . He slept over on Sunday but on Monday he is back at Aunties house again. Looks like our home is his weekend house. Auntie Tay is on leave this week so we asked Ah Ma n Ah Kung to come n babysit the kids this week.

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Happy 1st Birthday Rachel

Today supposed to be the first birthday for Rachel, unfortunately Debbie had to leave for HK for work. Then by the time I got to realise it I didnt prepare anything for her. Well we did do a joint celebration in Muar last week but its just a bad excuse for me being a lazy Daddy not celebrating for Rachel. Luckily Auntie Tay bought a cake for Rachel to have a special celebration for her. Too bad for Rachel as she knocked her nose and lips blue black yesterday as well.

Rachels bday from Pang on Vimeo.

Hazy sickly July

These past few weeks we have one bad news after another. First was the haze then we had our JB relative passed away, Muar API level was the highest in the country then Ah Kung got asthma attack then I got the flu. Sigh! so tired of being sick. Then Lucas decides against going home everyday and stays over at Aunty house. Its been close to 3 weeks already, he only comes back during the weekend when he knows we usually go out so he could have some fun outside. Then he had a mild form of chicken pox so he stayed home for 1 week.
Spent some time in Muar to celebrate July babies birthday with Rachel and Ah Kong.

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