Sekinchan, Tanjong Karang and Kuala Selangor here we come

During the Hari Raya holiday we wanted to arrange a trip, earlier we were supposed to go Spore , we even made passport for Rachel but unfortunately I had to work on those days. So we made another trip instead so as not to disappoint Brandon as he would be the first to complain that we never bring him anywhere during the holidays. So we decided some place close like Sekinchan. Unfortunately its not in season as you can see fro the pictures all the rice fields has been harvested nonetheless they had other attractions as well, mostly seafood.

We planned to leave on Friday morning after breakfast at Sky Rest. then I took the North South highway exited at Rawang to connect using the Latar express way which we exited at Ijok before reaching Sekinchan abt 2 hrs later. The traffic was quite heavy so there was one or 2 accidents and lots of traffic in Kuala Selangor and Tanjong Karang area.

Our first stop was the rice factory at PLS Marketing (M)Sdn Bhd which to me is more like a shopping area for rice and other local products that they have. Bought some passion fruit juice which tasted more like cordial than real juice, yuck! Next was lunch we wanted to go to the restaurants at Bagan Sekinchan which all the places were full and nowhere to park. We passed by the restaurants like Guan Seng Loong, Jian Chyi, etc. Finally I settled for Cha Po Tion but then the queue there was too long so after awhile decided to leave and find other places.Sosince we weren't huungry decided to look for some local seafood products store at Dong Xin (fka Chin Fatt) afterwards looked for lunch and we saw there was 1 empty table at Chai Lee. After a long wait lunch was served and it was worth the wait. Price and taste was ok. Best thing was they served free ice cream. Afterwards we checked in at the Firefly villa that was highly recommended by Tripadvisor. We had a bit of trouble looking for the place as the whole area was either plantation fields or kampung houses.

Once checked in I wanted to nap awhile but then daddy duty calls. The kids wanted to go swimming so I had to change and bring them in. The weather was hot and the water was warm. The place looked clean and comfortable, there were lots of dead animal skins and Lucas was a bit afraid of them. Later we wanted to go Bukit Malawati but when we reached they said that the tram ride was closed and Lucas was too tired after the swim that he fell asleep so we decided to go for dinner instead. We had a choice of Kuan Hwa or Hai Ung . Both of the place were packed, so luckily I managed to park at Hai Ung so we scouted and waited for our dinner.It was like a mad house as there were so many people waiting for a table then waiting for their food. Sigh ! eat also stress as people were eyeing for our table since we took a big table but only half occupied. The view was nice as we saw sunset while waiting for dinner. It took us 2 hrs by the time we finished it was already 9 something. Price and food wise was ok.

P8097197 from Pang on Vimeo.

So off we went to see the firefies at Bukit Belimbing as they were closer , had better boats and better facilities there. By the time we reached they had closed as they mentioned it was low tide and it wasn't safe. So disappointed we went back to the villa. During day time it was ok driving through the plantations. But this was 9pm at night and most of these places were pitch black dark. So it was abit worrying as we drove on but couldn't see any signs of civilisations like street lights, cars, houses, etc we drove like that for about 20 min till we saw some houses and back to the main road. Brandon heaved a sigh of relief , wow! a journey back is such an adventure.

The next morning we had a nice and simple breakfast then checked out and left for the Bukit Malawati tram ride. It was fun for the kids as they got to see the monkeys and fishes at the aquarium. Then proceeded for lunch again at Pasir Penambang this time we selected Kuan Hwa instead. This time round the food was just badly prepared and overpriced. We left and tried to do some shopping at The market but the fish wasn't fresh so off we went home instead. Everyone was sleeping on the way back luckily we got back in KL in about 1hr 20 min and decided to eat at home for dinner. I need a nap and a good rest.

P8107241 from Pang on Vimeo.