Spore NSRCC trip

This trip was originally planned by Doreen last round but I had to decline the last round but this time is to make up for the lost trip. This round we planned to drive down and pick Ah Ma n Ah Kung on the way to Spore passing by Muar. On the way we managed to stock up on the fish supplies for the month. It seems the drop in sugar subsidy and also the GST announcement had jacked up the price of fish to CNY season price.
It seems from the newspaper findings quoted "Several amendments, which have been made to the Fisheries Act in 1985 but only enforced on Nov 1 include the use of fishing nets measuring 3m-wide with mesh sizes not smaller than 38mm. Local fishermen are also required to be on their vessels during fishing activities and they are no longer allowed to hire foreign labourers to work on their vessels." Therefore becoz of these policies the fishermen staged protests around the country.

We set off early on Sunday morning and reached Spore quite early. Traffic at the Causeway was ok, we managed to visit Sway Ko at Chestnut Close at Bukit Timah before stopping at Tampines Mall Jade Express to have lunch with the rest of the Muar gang. Ah Choon and Doreen set off earlier than us then picked up Diana at the airport since she took the flight instead of following our car. Finally managed to check in at NSRCC, Changi. The bungalow was well renovated and clean. But there were only 2 rooms but the living room and kitchen was spacious. Brought the kids for a swim at the club house. The first night we had dinner at Tampines HK Street Jia Kee.

The 2nd day we planned to go the Sentosa RW Oceanarium reputed to be the world's largest oceanarium. We found the place quite interesting with the Typhoon Theatre and also the props and display on the history of traders and nations that traded in the SEA region. We had lunch at Putien and by the time we left it was raining heavily on the way back. BY the time we reached the bungalow I was exhausted. When I woke up it was time for dinner so I started the fire , it was still drizzling but luckily it stopped and we managed to celebrate Brandons birthday and also had BBQ for dinner.

Final day set off early in the morning and stopped by Yong Peng for lunch before reaching Muar, then set off for KL after a short rest then reached KL by 7pm. Happy but exhausted, all thanks to Sa Yee for arranging the trip for all of us.

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Its the weekend

We were planning to have some shopping for some furniture @Homedec KLCC but ended up buying only bean bags. Incidently there was a Science Festival @ Suria KLCC. Brunch we tried some Thai food @TTDI, it was ok but Lucas enjoyed himself playing next door pet shop.

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