An unfortunate weekend

Well I thought this week would be just the weeks that had past but it was not meant to be. First Debbie had to travel to Jakarta for a meeting and on the day itself she found that her jewellery were missing. Then when she got to airport she lost her iphone. When she got to Jakarta her laptop crashed. While trying to get back from Jakarta her flight got delayed by 3 hrs. By the time she reached everyone was already asleep. Then Lucas had fever and we went him to get some medicine. Finally got a call that Auntie Siew Nar's husband had passed away. So we went to visit them on Sunday.

Now to cheer things up Debbie got a new Note II since she has been itching to change her phone so now she had the chance. It really looks cool and nice. Lucas had his haircut and we tried a new Lam Mee noodles place at Uptown. Then had some good food hunting in Sg Buloh at Restoran Soon Hock. Service was slow and the presentation was crude but overall it was nice, the steam tilapia didn't have any muddy smell. We saw some reviews by Food most wanted.