Brandon's birth month

Well after many months and years of looking for our landed property, we finally managed to find our landed house which is literally a stone throw away.

November was also Brandons birthday and we bought him a black forest cake from Secret Recipe.

Lucas went to his first graduation ceremony at Tadika CLC and also the graduation party was themed as Legoland.

Jade and Perry Wedding

Had a big makan at the Loft Hotel at KL Sentral for the newly wed couple.
Food was good but feels pricey tho

CLC 2014 Graduation

Finally the end of the year for the kids and Lucas passed another year in CLC, actually half a year. Which is good for all of us as he is learning more, he's happier and not had any asthma attacks for the past 6 months. The big difference between St Ronan and CLC is that they have air condition and refreshments before and after the events. The wait was not too long , it started at 2pm and ended by 4pm. The speech given by the Board was convincing that they cared for the education of the kids and not for profit making. Hope they can stay this way as we have been planning for Rachel to join Lucas next year. But Rachel has been shaking her head whenever we asked about going to school with Lucas.

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October stay at the Palace

After we managed to fail our annual health exams , it was time to relax again. Doesnt seems right but what the heck.
 The last time we were here was some years back. Then they had suites which had only  1 bed and a living area. This time they had renovated to 2 bedrooms so the place was better suited for us. Ah Ma n Auntie came along and slept at the other room. We spent he day at the pool and went shopping at Mines Shoppinf Ctr in the evening. Next day had breakfast at South City Plaza area before going to the pool for one last time before checking out. Had some lunch at Rakuzen @Tropicana City Mall.Then Brandon had his milk teeth came out during the meal.

High high from Pang on Vimeo.

Palace from Pang on Vimeo.

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Cas practice Graduation dance from Pang on Vimeo.

Sweet September

Time just pass by so quickly I didnt have much time to write , luckily managed to capture these  moments with pictures and videos.Isound like a broken record repeating this over and over again.

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August is just meh…

I just need to write this story in case I forget. First the background of the story. Debbie had to go KK for a mgt conference. The flight back got delayed so the baggage was not available when they reached. So one of the colleague(Judy) could not go home since she left her keys in the luggage, so she followed Debbie back to our condo. When they reached KL it was close to 3 am.
The next morning Brandon was doing his normal routine until he wanted to get his underwear and socks from the guestroom , as usual stark naked. Just as Brandon was opening the door, Judy was turning the door at the same time. Brandon screamed Argh!!!!!! as if he had seen a ghost. Judy was embarrassed also after catching Brandon naked standing in front of her.

2014 Raya holidays@Primaland PD

It was the Raya holidays and we planned a short trip to PD for the kids. The place was a water theme park called Primaland which used to be called Tiara Beach Resort, now managed by Best Western.

Initially planned to eat and buy some " yee kiao" but settled for some "Yi Poh Loh Shee Fun" at Temiang instead becoz it was quite late at 3pm. Bough t some pastries at Asia Bakery. Reached the hotel , checked in and had some fun.

As usual we had dinner and tomorrows lunch at Yun Long temple restaurant, food was good and reasonably priced. Then went to Seremban to try the "Yee Kiao" shop at Lee Sam Rd Hawker Center. Luckily they were still opened and we "tapao" some "liao" back. Then off to buy some Seremban Siew Pao near the highway. Then straight back home.

Primaland open from Pang on Vimeo.

PD Waterfront2 from Pang on Vimeo.

PD Waterfront1 from Pang on Vimeo.

PD Watefront from Pang on Vimeo.

Brandon slide from Pang on Vimeo.

Lucas slide from Pang on Vimeo.

Happy 2nd Birthday Rachel

July was a hot hot month. We went back to Muar to celebrate Ah Kung bday too.
We celebrated Ah Mei's bday at home with a cake bought from Prima. Even on her bday we had to bring her to see doctor along with Debbie as she is also sick. Sigh! luckily even though its bad with cough, cold and vomit, at least her fever bout ended last week. But need to force feed Ah Mei to drink her medicine which she will scream and shout to avoid it.

It was a sad month as we experienced another accident with MH17 on July 17. It was too horrific to describe. This is really bad luck when MH370 happened on Mar 8 2014 barely 4 months apart.

Rachel 2nd bday from Pang on Vimeo.

I have been noticing the words that Ah Mei knows

Ah Meis         English
A pi pant          Elephant
A let                 Toilet
Pish                  Fish
Amamak          Nasi lemak

Langkawi 2014

Yes this our yearly trip back to Langkawi which seems like a pilgrimage for shopping, food and booze.

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Happenings in May 2014

Let's see we visited Royal Selangor which was quite a nice place as they had well trained tour guides that can explained quite well. Their cafe was quite nice and we stopped for some tea.

2014-05-03 16.04.32 from Pang on Vimeo.

We celebrated with Auntie Tay her birthday at Lau Heong with her relatives as well.

VID-20140507-WA0000 from Pang on Vimeo.

2014-05-07 21.05.02 from Pang on Vimeo.

We stopped at the famous 3 Little Pigs at Tropicana Mall. The food was ok but expensive for the portion as I could get much more value and taste at Sanbanto or

We found a new place to makan at Avenue K which had a non halal Food Court called Taste Enclave.

VID-20140509-WA0005 from Pang on Vimeo.

Celebrated Mothers Day with Lucas at St Ronan which he had a performance but couldnt see his face because he was blocked by the kids in front.

The bad that happened was Lucas latest bronchitis attack and my car brakes failed which costed me over 1k.

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Lucas 4th Birthday

P4067761 from Pang on Vimeo.

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2014-04-05 16.05.32 from Pang on Vimeo.

The whole Muar gang decided to celebrate Lucas birthday and have a breakfast party. So we blew up balloons bought some balloons and party hats with gifts. So now the party is complete with a very happy boy.

Ipoh trip

This holiday had planned a short trip to Ipoh so that the kids and adults can enjoy a bit of food and fun. There was quite a jam on the way back since the current season coincides with Qing Ming and also the school holidays.

We started off early as Auntie Tay wanted to buy some durian puffs from Happy Cafe at Tun HS Lee Petaling St area. After that straight to Ipoh, well not exactly as we had a few pit stop for toilet breaks. Once we reached Ipoh , we headed to Jln Papan to meet Kevin n gang , then off to dim sum at Foh San. Wasn't really happy with the food even though it was super crowded. Then we went to Sunway Lost World. Finally the kids can have fun playing the water and also had a visit at the Tiger Valley.

Had some makan session at a Loke Wooi Kee coffee shop near Funny Mountain. Then went to checked in at Ritz Garden, as we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the suite which was BIG!! and well worth the 320/nite for a 2 rooms apartment. Rested a while before going for supper since we had a late makan, tried to have some chicken at Lou Wong but was disappointed as they closed shop already. So off we went to Tong Sui Kai
Parking was a bit difficult so we settled for a new place which used to be a cinema turned pub now food court. Food was so so. Then we retired back to the hotel.

The toilets were really small and some of the shower didn't function well. The other room air-cond wasn't working well. But on one occasion Rachel suddenly was crying very loud as we reached the room. My guess was those "things" were around. These hotels are never "clean" in the first place. Auntie stayed for the first night the next night she stayed at Jln Papan presumably the air-cond wasn't working well at the other room.

The next day off we went to Loke Wooi Kee for breakfast then to Kellie's Castle, the weather was very hot as we spent some time exploring the place and climbing the stairs around the building and area. Then we had a drink before we went to Sitiawan Villa Restaurant at Kg Cina. Passed by Kg Koh but didnt buy the chilli since we could have bought it in KL, then went to queue up for the famous Gong piah. Queued for an hour which I though was a bit ridiculous as the biscuit was actually baked onion biscuits but it was a very long queue. The journey was long and everybody was tired , so by the time we reached the hotel Brandon and Kevin went for a swim at the pool. While bluffing Lucas so that he wont join in the fun knowingly since he has sensitive skin.

Dinner was at Yoke Fook Moon dim sum which made up for the below expectation at Foh San. After that we went for a walk at Ipoh parade which was very old and undergoing some renovations. Nothing much so went back and slept. The next day we went to have some breakfast at the hotel before going to Lou Wong for some early brunch. Then off to Bidor for some Herbal chicken and Pun Chun biscuits. Ah! for this time round Auntie sister Maggie had managed to book us the meat floss biscuits that we couldn't buy the last round. The taste was good but quite ordinary nothing special.

By the time we got back to KL I had to despatch the rest of the chicken to my siblings around KL. Sigh !very tired and had to work to make up for the lost days.

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Happy CNY 2014

This year CNY came too fast too soon that it mixed with other holidays. Didn't try to strain ourselves did the same old things went through the same routine every year but this year we had a new member Aston Pang, my nephew from my bro Ah Bee.

Lion dance 2014 from Pang on Vimeo.

Lion dance from Pang on Vimeo.

Lion intercourse from Ploonghin on Vimeo.

Happy New Year 2014

Well with all the events happening in 2013 good and bad. I just hope for the best, look on the bright side and make the most of it. Will try to make a difference. 

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