Brandon's birth month

Well after many months and years of looking for our landed property, we finally managed to find our landed house which is literally a stone throw away.

November was also Brandons birthday and we bought him a black forest cake from Secret Recipe.

Lucas went to his first graduation ceremony at Tadika CLC and also the graduation party was themed as Legoland.

Jade and Perry Wedding

Had a big makan at the Loft Hotel at KL Sentral for the newly wed couple.
Food was good but feels pricey tho

CLC 2014 Graduation

Finally the end of the year for the kids and Lucas passed another year in CLC, actually half a year. Which is good for all of us as he is learning more, he's happier and not had any asthma attacks for the past 6 months. The big difference between St Ronan and CLC is that they have air condition and refreshments before and after the events. The wait was not too long , it started at 2pm and ended by 4pm. The speech given by the Board was convincing that they cared for the education of the kids and not for profit making. Hope they can stay this way as we have been planning for Rachel to join Lucas next year. But Rachel has been shaking her head whenever we asked about going to school with Lucas.

PB018412 from Pang on Vimeo.

PB018423 from Pang on Vimeo.