Ipoh trip

This holiday had planned a short trip to Ipoh so that the kids and adults can enjoy a bit of food and fun. There was quite a jam on the way back since the current season coincides with Qing Ming and also the school holidays.

We started off early as Auntie Tay wanted to buy some durian puffs from Happy Cafe at Tun HS Lee Petaling St area. After that straight to Ipoh, well not exactly as we had a few pit stop for toilet breaks. Once we reached Ipoh , we headed to Jln Papan to meet Kevin n gang , then off to dim sum at Foh San. Wasn't really happy with the food even though it was super crowded. Then we went to Sunway Lost World. Finally the kids can have fun playing the water and also had a visit at the Tiger Valley.

Had some makan session at a Loke Wooi Kee coffee shop near Funny Mountain. Then went to checked in at Ritz Garden, as we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the suite which was BIG!! and well worth the 320/nite for a 2 rooms apartment. Rested a while before going for supper since we had a late makan, tried to have some chicken at Lou Wong but was disappointed as they closed shop already. So off we went to Tong Sui Kai
Parking was a bit difficult so we settled for a new place which used to be a cinema turned pub now food court. Food was so so. Then we retired back to the hotel.

The toilets were really small and some of the shower didn't function well. The other room air-cond wasn't working well. But on one occasion Rachel suddenly was crying very loud as we reached the room. My guess was those "things" were around. These hotels are never "clean" in the first place. Auntie stayed for the first night the next night she stayed at Jln Papan presumably the air-cond wasn't working well at the other room.

The next day off we went to Loke Wooi Kee for breakfast then to Kellie's Castle, the weather was very hot as we spent some time exploring the place and climbing the stairs around the building and area. Then we had a drink before we went to Sitiawan Villa Restaurant at Kg Cina. Passed by Kg Koh but didnt buy the chilli since we could have bought it in KL, then went to queue up for the famous Gong piah. Queued for an hour which I though was a bit ridiculous as the biscuit was actually baked onion biscuits but it was a very long queue. The journey was long and everybody was tired , so by the time we reached the hotel Brandon and Kevin went for a swim at the pool. While bluffing Lucas so that he wont join in the fun knowingly since he has sensitive skin.

Dinner was at Yoke Fook Moon dim sum which made up for the below expectation at Foh San. After that we went for a walk at Ipoh parade which was very old and undergoing some renovations. Nothing much so went back and slept. The next day we went to have some breakfast at the hotel before going to Lou Wong for some early brunch. Then off to Bidor for some Herbal chicken and Pun Chun biscuits. Ah! for this time round Auntie sister Maggie had managed to book us the meat floss biscuits that we couldn't buy the last round. The taste was good but quite ordinary nothing special.

By the time we got back to KL I had to despatch the rest of the chicken to my siblings around KL. Sigh !very tired and had to work to make up for the lost days.

P3287597 from Pang on Vimeo.

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