Happy 2nd Birthday Rachel

July was a hot hot month. We went back to Muar to celebrate Ah Kung bday too.
We celebrated Ah Mei's bday at home with a cake bought from Prima. Even on her bday we had to bring her to see doctor along with Debbie as she is also sick. Sigh! luckily even though its bad with cough, cold and vomit, at least her fever bout ended last week. But need to force feed Ah Mei to drink her medicine which she will scream and shout to avoid it.

It was a sad month as we experienced another accident with MH17 on July 17. It was too horrific to describe. This is really bad luck when MH370 happened on Mar 8 2014 barely 4 months apart.

Rachel 2nd bday from Pang on Vimeo.

I have been noticing the words that Ah Mei knows

Ah Meis         English
A pi pant          Elephant
A let                 Toilet
Pish                  Fish
Amamak          Nasi lemak