Ipoh Dec 2015

Yes we are back at Ipoh for 2nd trip in a year. The first was with Ah Ma n Ah Kung and we stayed at Riverfront during Ah Meis birthday. Now we are back becoz Debbie had a wedding dinner to attend at Teluk Intan so we took this opportunity to stay over for 2 nights. We had breakfast at Sky restaurant before proceeding to Ipoh. No we didn't stopover at Bidor after the big scare last trip. So we just moved direct and reached Aunties sister restaurant at Cecil Rae, Caning Garden. Food was not bad, quite stuffed after ordering too much.

Then checked in at Cititel which was right in the heart of Ipoh Town just a stone throwaway from Riverfront and Old town. Parking was cramped so we rested till dinner time while Debbie got ready for dinner. We had a quick and early dinner at Woolley Food City. Then came to rest early after dinner. The next morning we walked over to Thean Chun/Kong Heng and had a short walk at Concubine Lane and Plan b. The place was given a fresh new life complete with a barber corner as well. Afterwards walked back and rested a while before walking back out again for lunch at Lou Wong.

Then rested in the afternoon before going out to Jusco Kinta for awhile then off to Sun Yeong Wai roasted meats for dinner and Yee Hup for after dinner shopping. Next morning was Loke Wooi Kee coffee shop breakfast then back to KL. Tired......

Cotton candy from Pang on Vimeo.

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Concubine Lane from Pang on Vimeo.

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Wave Rest House and Cafe

We saw this segment from Budget Go Cuti on Astro and they featured a place in Jeram, Kuala Selangor called Wave Rest House & Cafe. Video

So off we went for a 2 day 1 night trip with no TV and other entertainment.
We went out early for breakfast at Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh at Klang. Food was not bad but Debbie wanted to buy the crispy rice cake that the other Ah Ma was crazy about but they only opened as a stall during weekends. We were a bit early so we went to Jusco for some shopping instead.

Then off we went, and before reaching had to stop over at the famous coffee shop Shin Lock just to check out their famous pau. Not bad , halal too. After tahpau then went over to the Sg Janggut Seafood Restaurant which was just next door to the Wave Rest house. The food was ok, luckily we went on off peak day and hour so the service was quite ok but most of the hot menu item were sold off. Too bad as the price was quite ok with drinks, fish , prawns, clams for all of us only amounted to 120+.

We checked in about 2 pm with the total amt to 700+ for 4 adults+2 kids with food and boarding for 1 night. We waited for the boat ride at the river ,swamp and sea. Saw the migratory birds around the area and also the fishermen catching prawns. The entire family were running the rest house with Steve, wife+kids , brothers and parents helping out as well.

Next we waited for them to take us on a bicycle ride to the nearby beach to collect the seashells to make the wind chime this evening. But the were some dark clouds above us but still we went ahead but before we reached the rain started to get heavier. Luckily we found a shed that was obviously a shed for cows as there were cow dung every where. Once we had collected enough of them the herd of cows were on their way back to their shed, so we vacated the shed and started running back to the car to bring the kids in. Then the adults cycled back to the rest house in the rain. Cleaned up and had a seafood dinner which was mostly home cooked food.
Luckiy Auntie brought some curry chicken for Lucas as he couldn't take any of the seafood. After dinner waited for instructions for wind chime making. Ah Mei was tired but insisted that we finish the wind chime making before going to sleep.

Next morning we waited for breakfast fried noodles, rice and biscuits with coffee and tea. Then waited for the mangrove swamp tour which we had waited for a group of kindergarten kids to start with. So much waiting and not fun , so many mosquitoes and Brandon got stuck in the swamp and fell several times. Haiya! should have joined for the Pulau Angsa boat ride which they featured to have oysters to eat in TV. After washing up, checked out and off we went to Seremban to clear Debbie's tax stuff. Nearly got stuck at the Terminal 1 Car park as the ceiling was very low. Had dim sum lunch at Min Kok Restaurant and then went back to KL so I could catch tonights Annual Dinner. Phew so tired.

Sg Janggut Rest from Pang on Vimeo.

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2015 Nov postings

End of the year usually a lot of holidays. The kids are restless so we as parents have to prepare a lot of activities for them. Unfortunately too lazy to do and I am broke most of the time.

Went to 1 Utama to do the groceries at Jusco. Sigh AA also got la but go so far for a different feel and got Lego expo for the kids.

End of the year , kids go for their graduation and year end party.

Lego play from Pang on Vimeo.

Happy outing at the Happy Garden Market

Happy Garden Mkt from Pang on Vimeo.

Missed 3 months of posting Sept-Nov

Sorry sorry sorry just missed 3 months and time just fly past without noticing it.

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August 2015 happenings

A lot of things happened this month, first of all was Jonathan's wedding dinner at Nexus which was quite posh. Then there was the Bersih rally and finally was Lucas and Rachel getting sick over the long weekend. So all in all no outings and just resting at home which means not much pictures too.
Oh yeah went to my old boys school gathering 25 year anniversary.

ApBUFeFAq1wwOMdaw6ZWlGlPDAWAd7U-WZUBfUuKOmAd from Pang on Vimeo.

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July birthdays

This is Ah Mei's birthday month. We had a joint celebration with Ah Kung in Muar later we had another one on the actual day which is the 1st day of Raya in Ipoh.

Ah Kung n Ah Ma joined us for the Ipoh trip on 17 -19 Jul Hari Raya weekend. We left KL on 730, trying to reach Bidor for breakfast but unfortunately other local tourists were even earlier than us. There were so many people, cars and buses all over Bidors main road. There was a lot of traffic as well. Luckily managed to turn on Waze to avoid the jam. Reached Bidor abt 9am but was put off by all the crowd at Pun Chun. In the end we just went to a place at the back roads near our car to grab a place to sit. The stuffs were mostly sold out. I guess this super peak weekend was 5x the usual volume. Quite disappointed with the food so we left for Ipoh direct but not before buying some salted chicken form Tung Lok

Reach Ipoh and quickly went to JJ Rolls to pick up the cake for Rachel. After that checked in to our apartment at the Kinta Riverfront Suites which we booked through the home stay agent. It costs us 350/night. The place was quite basic with no towels and floor mat. Good thing is away from traffic and has an interesting view of LED lights at night Kinta River Walk. I ddint take pictures though as was too lazy to go down again after dinner. The weather was warm and the kids was sleepy. Had lunch at Pasir Pinji Dai Shu Kueok, the parking and crowd was crazy. Still managed to eat the famous BBQ Pork and YTF. Went back to rest and for the kids have a dip in the pool. Was cut short due to the rain. Night time we wanted to have chicken rice at Lou Wong but was put off by the crowds tried again at Old Town branch but sold out so finally had our regular dim sum at Yoke Fook Mun again. Later went over to Jln Papan at Kevins house to celebrate Rachels birthday.

Next day had breakfast at Loke Wooi Kee, then some shopping for ducks . Tried to have some drink from Funny Mountain but gave up since the queue was so loong....We went to Jusco Ipoh to buy some presents for Rachel for awhile before lunch. Lunch wanted to have some Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken, I opted for the Old town branch since the one at Yau Tet Shin was crowded. Debbie was unsatisfied as she wanted the main branch, passed by Thean Chun coffee shop saw the crowds at Plan b. Looked interesting but weather was too hot to explore. Went back rested and had a dip at the pool. Again the kids fun was cut short due to rain.
Went to SYW for roasted duck since Debbie wanted to eat duck. I opted for the Gunung Rapat main branch so that we could get away from the crowds and not sold out by the time we reach. Found a confectionery shop Yee Hup. Luckily managed to get some shopping done so that they could buy some things back to KL. That was how we ended the eveing , everyone was happy to spend the night watching TV at the apartment. The kids was sleepy as well.

Next morning , checked out early from the apartment then with a very kiasu attitude went to queue for food at Lou Wong Chicken Rice at Yau Tet Shin. Saw Onn Kee was already open but Debbies heart was set on Lou Wong. We waited from 10 am till 11 for them to start selling by the time we finished was already 12. Went to Canning Garden one last time to pick up some things before leaving back to KL. Was sorry for not meeting up with Julian at Kampar as Debbie wasnt keen and everyone was abit tired by then. Reached home by 230pm to have Nanik clean the house while we had some tea break at Festival City Mall and we had dinner with Diana at Bibichik at SS2. Went home tired after the long journey , luckily tomorrow is a full day of rest at home to recover from the long trip.

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June happenings

Again time just whizz by and I was too lazy to update so just to capture some of the things happenned.

May happenings

It was not much of a month we started a new activity to go to the Titiwangsa Park in the weekends, so we bought a new bike for them to ride. My Waja 1.8X died on me again, this time I decided to give up reviving it, it cost 20k to buy the parts.

We had a GSC IT Bowling event at Nu Sentral which was fun.

2015 Lucas Birthday

It was during the GST cutover I had a lot of work to do during the weekend, but still need to prepare for Lucas birthday. Brandon wanted to buy a present for Lucas but the stuff at Jusco was over his 50 budget so I persuaded him to buy the toys at Raja Laut toy wholesalers. Was rushing to pick him up at Pelangi tuition then off to Raja Laut. Wanted to park beside the road but saw the DBKL police was doing their rounds. So had to turn to Lorong Haji Taib to park. Went through the first shop couldnt find what he wanted. Then suggested another shop and he found the B-Daman that he wanted. Off he went back home and I had to rush back to tapau for lunch in office.

After work at 7pm picked up the Ice-cream cake and fried chicken wings from Lau Heong on the way back. Saw Diana, Kwan Woei and Heidi who came to celebrate with Lucas. Auntie brought some Salted Chicken from Ipoh as well.

Lucas was ecstatic with the toys.

2015LucasBday from Pang on Vimeo.

2015 Langkawi

The kids had been expecting to go on a trip to Langkawi. Everyday Lucas kept asking when and did a countdown on the days we were going to Langkawi. I managed to book the air ticket using MAS which was the cheapest and value for money at that time, actually wanted to book for a better hotel but couldn't becoz the day we were supposed to leave was the annual LIMA (LANGKAWI INTERNATIONAL MARITIME & AEROSPACE) exhibition.

First day left home, got an Innova taxi(150) to KLIA, then had a bit of traffic jam with the long waiting lines for baggage and check in. Nearly screwed up with the kids tickets as their names were not as per IC. The officer let us off since no immigration check. Had KFC for breakfast then reached Langkawi and got a Suzuki Kizashi(260), was a bit old but was a comfortable sedan with good fuel economy, over pumped, when we left still had half tank(50). Had some lunch at Chicken Joe at Kuah Town. A bit pricey but the at least palatable. Got to Teo Soon Huat and started shopping for stuffs, groceries as we had to wait till 3pm to check in at Dayang Bay Resort. Rested awhile since the weather was hot till about 5pm as the kids were itching to go the hotel swimming pool. Saw on the news that there was a crash during the Indonesian team were practising. Luckily nobody were killed. Finally dinner was at our favourite restaurant Wan Thai. Then did some shopping at Pandak Mayah as well while we had the stamina to do so.

Next morning had breakfast at the hotel before going to Tanjung Rhu beach. The kids had fun playing sand at the secluded beach, there wasn't anyone except for a couple with their baby swimming. Then lunch was Wan Thai again, then proceeded to go Bird Paradise. The kids got feed the birds, rabbits and such. They even got a donkey ride. Felt tired after the visit and got back to the hotel to rest. They still wanted to go to the swimming pool but I skipped it as was too tired. So the kids went without us, leaving Ah Tay with the kids. By evening woke up but wasn't feeling hungry yet so just went to Teo Soon Huat again to have MarryBrown fried chicken instead. Then shopped for the last time till they closed the store at 10pm and we were ushered out. Later Debbie felt a bit hungry so decided to try some of the food around the hotel area , tapao some fried noodles and satay. That's it for the day.

Final day checked out and had breakfast at Red Tomato. The meal was good but the girls wanted to shop AGAIN??!!! at the UnderWater World.
I had to babysit the kids at the entrance where they had a fish tank while the girls went to look around at the duty free shop. Once we were done managed to check in at Airport but was informed they had shifted to an earlier slot but still managed to check in on time for the current flight. Alas we were informed later that the airport was locked down as the air space and runway were being used by the LIMA management. So the flight was still delayed till 230pm , so in the end even though didn't plan to watch the air show but still manage to catch a few glimpses of the jets on display. They gave us some meal vouchers while we had some makan at the Restaurant Nooodles, which you had to climb up one floor, luckily they had a baggage service downstairs. The service was slow but the food was not bad. Finally checked in and got home using the same taxi service. Lucas wasn't feeling well so sent him over to Pelangi for a check up and ate dinner at Hometown steamboat.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015

Had a tiring CNY 2015

Had a company sponsored dinner by the PM Lawrence at PJ Section 2

Swing @Tua koo from Pang on Vimeo.

2015 Lion dance from Pang on Vimeo.

Lion dance Cas n Mei from Pang on Vimeo.

Happy New Year 2015

Well its the usual stuff. New year grey hair and the 2 monsters at home can finally go to school together. Ah Mei was very excited that she could go to school where as Ah Cas was just nonchalant about it.

We finally managed to try the Mama Vege vegetarian restaurant at Galleria. The food was ok but pricey, its a bit on the sweet side.

Cas mop floor from Pang on Vimeo.

Cas play lego from Pang on Vimeo.

Cas n Mei say cheese from Pang on Vimeo.

Year end post

What happened?2014 just breezed by. Time really flies when I'm not aware. Well didnt do much we attended Sheena's wedding dinner and also went to a few parties like the office party and also visited a few shopping malls for the Xmas celebration. Auntie Tay went for operation had some complications and Ah Ma stayed with us for 2 weeks. Ah Ma beh tahan got irritated by the 2 monsters at home. Vivi che che came to help take care of the 2 monsters too.

Went for an early holiday at PD Avillion Admiral Bay.
And also the great flood tragedy happened in the northern states that got the school holidays extended for 1 more week so we took it for a short holiday.