2015 Langkawi

The kids had been expecting to go on a trip to Langkawi. Everyday Lucas kept asking when and did a countdown on the days we were going to Langkawi. I managed to book the air ticket using MAS which was the cheapest and value for money at that time, actually wanted to book for a better hotel but couldn't becoz the day we were supposed to leave was the annual LIMA (LANGKAWI INTERNATIONAL MARITIME & AEROSPACE) exhibition.

First day left home, got an Innova taxi(150) to KLIA, then had a bit of traffic jam with the long waiting lines for baggage and check in. Nearly screwed up with the kids tickets as their names were not as per IC. The officer let us off since no immigration check. Had KFC for breakfast then reached Langkawi and got a Suzuki Kizashi(260), was a bit old but was a comfortable sedan with good fuel economy, over pumped, when we left still had half tank(50). Had some lunch at Chicken Joe at Kuah Town. A bit pricey but the at least palatable. Got to Teo Soon Huat and started shopping for stuffs, groceries as we had to wait till 3pm to check in at Dayang Bay Resort. Rested awhile since the weather was hot till about 5pm as the kids were itching to go the hotel swimming pool. Saw on the news that there was a crash during the Indonesian team were practising. Luckily nobody were killed. Finally dinner was at our favourite restaurant Wan Thai. Then did some shopping at Pandak Mayah as well while we had the stamina to do so.

Next morning had breakfast at the hotel before going to Tanjung Rhu beach. The kids had fun playing sand at the secluded beach, there wasn't anyone except for a couple with their baby swimming. Then lunch was Wan Thai again, then proceeded to go Bird Paradise. The kids got feed the birds, rabbits and such. They even got a donkey ride. Felt tired after the visit and got back to the hotel to rest. They still wanted to go to the swimming pool but I skipped it as was too tired. So the kids went without us, leaving Ah Tay with the kids. By evening woke up but wasn't feeling hungry yet so just went to Teo Soon Huat again to have MarryBrown fried chicken instead. Then shopped for the last time till they closed the store at 10pm and we were ushered out. Later Debbie felt a bit hungry so decided to try some of the food around the hotel area , tapao some fried noodles and satay. That's it for the day.

Final day checked out and had breakfast at Red Tomato. The meal was good but the girls wanted to shop AGAIN??!!! at the UnderWater World.
I had to babysit the kids at the entrance where they had a fish tank while the girls went to look around at the duty free shop. Once we were done managed to check in at Airport but was informed they had shifted to an earlier slot but still managed to check in on time for the current flight. Alas we were informed later that the airport was locked down as the air space and runway were being used by the LIMA management. So the flight was still delayed till 230pm , so in the end even though didn't plan to watch the air show but still manage to catch a few glimpses of the jets on display. They gave us some meal vouchers while we had some makan at the Restaurant Nooodles, which you had to climb up one floor, luckily they had a baggage service downstairs. The service was slow but the food was not bad. Finally checked in and got home using the same taxi service. Lucas wasn't feeling well so sent him over to Pelangi for a check up and ate dinner at Hometown steamboat.

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