July birthdays

This is Ah Mei's birthday month. We had a joint celebration with Ah Kung in Muar later we had another one on the actual day which is the 1st day of Raya in Ipoh.

Ah Kung n Ah Ma joined us for the Ipoh trip on 17 -19 Jul Hari Raya weekend. We left KL on 730, trying to reach Bidor for breakfast but unfortunately other local tourists were even earlier than us. There were so many people, cars and buses all over Bidors main road. There was a lot of traffic as well. Luckily managed to turn on Waze to avoid the jam. Reached Bidor abt 9am but was put off by all the crowd at Pun Chun. In the end we just went to a place at the back roads near our car to grab a place to sit. The stuffs were mostly sold out. I guess this super peak weekend was 5x the usual volume. Quite disappointed with the food so we left for Ipoh direct but not before buying some salted chicken form Tung Lok

Reach Ipoh and quickly went to JJ Rolls to pick up the cake for Rachel. After that checked in to our apartment at the Kinta Riverfront Suites which we booked through the home stay agent. It costs us 350/night. The place was quite basic with no towels and floor mat. Good thing is away from traffic and has an interesting view of LED lights at night Kinta River Walk. I ddint take pictures though as was too lazy to go down again after dinner. The weather was warm and the kids was sleepy. Had lunch at Pasir Pinji Dai Shu Kueok, the parking and crowd was crazy. Still managed to eat the famous BBQ Pork and YTF. Went back to rest and for the kids have a dip in the pool. Was cut short due to the rain. Night time we wanted to have chicken rice at Lou Wong but was put off by the crowds tried again at Old Town branch but sold out so finally had our regular dim sum at Yoke Fook Mun again. Later went over to Jln Papan at Kevins house to celebrate Rachels birthday.

Next day had breakfast at Loke Wooi Kee, then some shopping for ducks . Tried to have some drink from Funny Mountain but gave up since the queue was so loong....We went to Jusco Ipoh to buy some presents for Rachel for awhile before lunch. Lunch wanted to have some Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken, I opted for the Old town branch since the one at Yau Tet Shin was crowded. Debbie was unsatisfied as she wanted the main branch, passed by Thean Chun coffee shop saw the crowds at Plan b. Looked interesting but weather was too hot to explore. Went back rested and had a dip at the pool. Again the kids fun was cut short due to rain.
Went to SYW for roasted duck since Debbie wanted to eat duck. I opted for the Gunung Rapat main branch so that we could get away from the crowds and not sold out by the time we reach. Found a confectionery shop Yee Hup. Luckily managed to get some shopping done so that they could buy some things back to KL. That was how we ended the eveing , everyone was happy to spend the night watching TV at the apartment. The kids was sleepy as well.

Next morning , checked out early from the apartment then with a very kiasu attitude went to queue for food at Lou Wong Chicken Rice at Yau Tet Shin. Saw Onn Kee was already open but Debbies heart was set on Lou Wong. We waited from 10 am till 11 for them to start selling by the time we finished was already 12. Went to Canning Garden one last time to pick up some things before leaving back to KL. Was sorry for not meeting up with Julian at Kampar as Debbie wasnt keen and everyone was abit tired by then. Reached home by 230pm to have Nanik clean the house while we had some tea break at Festival City Mall and we had dinner with Diana at Bibichik at SS2. Went home tired after the long journey , luckily tomorrow is a full day of rest at home to recover from the long trip.

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June happenings

Again time just whizz by and I was too lazy to update so just to capture some of the things happenned.