Bank Negara field trip

The 2 kids were bugging me to pay for the field trip organised by the school so I paid them and filled up the form. Lucas was a bit worried as the teacher didnt take his permission slip from his note book whereas Ah May was very insistent that the teacher take he r slip from the book.

Field trip photos

July holidays

During the holidays we managed to sneak one weekend to Palace of the Golden Horses for a weekend stay. The 2 younger kids were happy to stay and play at the pool. These few weeks had been feeling under the weather as the kids went to have fun at Mines shopping centre while I stayed in the hotel to rest with Brandon after dinner at Yap Yin at Seri Kembangan.

In between visited Mr. DIY, Ikea and Maju homes to buy additional furniture and fittings for the house.

Then we finally moved house and I had a big operation to wrap and move the furniture. Had a big hooha with the transporter sourced from kaodim. useless transporter I had to think by myself how to dismantle the fridge door in order to shift the fridge out ,when arrived was with lots of bumps and dents. From 26 Jul onward we shifted and stayed at our new domain Jalan Puah Jaya 4. That weekend Debbie left for Hanoi with her Muar gang while I had to go for Brandons report card day. It was bad he nearly failed his English. I dunno what to say la.

We did the curtains, mosquito netting etc all done and over with by end of Jul.

2, Jalan Puah Jaya 4, Taman Setapak Indah Jaya, Setapak KL