2016 CLC Graduation & Brandons Birthday

It seems time passed by so fast that our little Lucas is now graduating from kindergarten. They were practising on the gummy bear song form youtube. This year the theme is Olympics. Had a bit of drama by Lucas who refused to leave the house. Then refuse to step out of the car. Then refuse to go upstairs the performance area. All was well when Bro Chee Seng came down to encourage him to get up and ready. Later asked him why he did that, he said, I was just messing with you! 6 years old and he buat perangai like dat. Next time Ah Mei dunno what she will do.

Luckily Ah Mei was very cheerful and proceeded to the stage area with no issues. The performance was okay but there were so many parents tried to take pictures and videos that blocked our view, so couldn't take a good picture of them, as there were too far.

Quite tiring as we went for a quick dinner then came home to rest. Auntie Tay went to Ipoh for a wedding dinner and won't be back till Wednesday.

Forgot to upload Brandons birthday on Nov because was captured using the normal camera which is quite a hassle to transfer and upload. Its a wonder nowadays how little I use the camera anymore.

P1019136 from Pang on Vimeo.