Happy New Year 2016

The year started as a whimper as we had lots of bad news and I was too tired to even track down the events that happened. I thought I would take a picture of the KLCC for at least 1 more time before the tower next door is up that would block our view. Was too tired that I slept early on Dec 31. We had our usual breakfasts and stuffs. There was a lot of stuff that we were preparing for Brandon's new school at Wesley WMSKL. there were the Boys Brigade and the uniform collection was so haphazard. Sigh! I even saw Mr Lau(Hyundai MD) was at the orientation. Looks like he has a kid here too. The whatsapp group was quite active, sometimes I wonder these parents so free to comment ,they don't have any thing else to do.

Hopefully Brandon, can keep up and progress since its everything in English now. He is getting quite tan, now that he has to march and drill under the hot sun. Debbie is already on freelance contract but is already quite busy doing the marking and also pitching for new projects. She is still going into PWC to start here contract work. Both Rachel and Lucas are sick now and its quite a pain as they will ask for attention. Rachel diagnosed as H1N1 again. We had the same problem in Nov 2014.

Sigh.... Thank god for 1 day rest on KL Fed Territory Day.