Bentong Hot Springs trip

Recently found out from Ah Bee he went to Bentong for a short trip. It looked nice. So I too followed along. It seems they have a new site and app called It was quite informative and the best thing was they have a resort called Suria Hot Springs Resort. It was for a room with 2 queens size beds for only $120 , my guess is due to Ramadhan. So I quickly booked it for the weekend. Good thing was the Bentong Walk. Which essentially is a pasar malam every Saturday night. Well with the kids it wasn't very fun.

So we started after Nanik finished clean up the house and after Brandon gets back from BB. So we left on Sat at abt 130pm then reached Fantasy Valley Restaurant for lunch. Expensive but nice. Had some Musang King as well paid for the price but don't believe it is. This round I am very busy taking car of the kids couldn't take much pictures. After lunch checked in at the hotel after a short 20 min drive along the winding roads. Saw some nice scenery of the forest and river along the way. After checking Debbie had some rest before the kids went all out to have fun at the hots springs. It was quite nice but there were certain areas looked like lots of tissue paper debris floating in the water. Then we washed up for dinner at Bentong, we were quite late , had trouble looking for car park as well. Wanted to go to a restaurant but unfortunately was closed for the night. Then went to makan at the stalls instead. The char kuay tiao was good , as well as BKT. As for Ah Mei she collapsed in the car , so could'nt walk much just quickly ate , shopped and left.

The next morning , being kiasu for not being able to buy the taopok, we went as early as 730am got there bought all the stuff and had dim sum at SHL Restaurant, food was so so. Buat at least comfortable and not required to queue like mad. This round Brandon was so tired he decided to wait in the hotel room instead of following us to Bentong town for breakfast. Anyhow I met Heng Meng at the Pasar. After breakfast we went back at abt 9am. Had tapao some nasi lemak for Brandon. The price here is comparable to KL, so its not cheap. After that a last dip at the pool before leaving for lunch at Kg Bukit Tinggi, wanted to go Foon Lock but couldn't get to park so we settled for a coffee shop Nam Fong. Food here is not bad( Thai style kuey tiao soup and stew pork) and the roti bakar also nice. Best thing is got parking space and there were available table for us. While we waited for the ladies to finish shopping AGAIN at the tourist sites for some durian and other stuffs.

Finally reached home by 140pm, had a good rest and shopped at Jusco for groceries and had dinner at Sky Restaurant.