Dec2017 Holidays

Lets see what did the kids do for the holiday 1) Holiday Camp-Cooking/Leadership 2) Ipoh trip 3) PD trip 4) Muar-JB trip 5) Melawati Mall Kidz Zone 6) Bentong trip. Hmm... I believe we managed to keep their expectation of our duty to keep them occupied.

The last weekend we went back to Muar to have our visit and stock up the fish and otak. Then onward to JB the next day the traffic was very heavy and I had a small mishap as I tried to move away from toll gate II scraped the side of the car. Its got creaking sounds now.
We stayed at a very nice place at KSL Residence and had lunch at DShanghai dim sum restaurant at KSL. Since it was integrated development. It was very convenient for shopping, food and leisure.

We stayed for the dinner at Kim Teng Park where Brandon had his 1st drunk and vomiting experience.

The kids played at the playground and the pool but they kept asking about the KSL Resort Dinosaur themepark next door as we could see them from our balcony.

Finally I managed to eat Muar Assam Fish on our way back from JB and also catched a glimpse of the Mee Bandung Udang Galah

Had stopped by Yi Poh Lou shee fun at Seremban to have lunch and shopped awhile before passing by Fah Kee to buy some liao but sold out too bad. Off went home. This month Debbie has been at home marking but still promised to bring the kids to MM Kidz Zone where they played for 8-9 hrs ,well utilized the entrance fee.

Had a short weekend gathering with all the kids and siblings at Bentong.

Nov-Dec Holiday 2017 Happenings

Its been a tiring and busy months almost travelling every weekend and having many activities planned for the kids as well.

Lets see now we had Brandons birthday party, then Ah Mei had CLC costume party and Lucas had his school makan party.

Ah Mei had her graduation concert

Then both Lucas n Mei went to holiday camp. Boring says Lucas next year no more.

While Brandon went for his Leadership Camp and also the Cooking class, after each lesson he brought bake his masterpieces for us to try.

We went to PD for a weekend and stayed at the D'wharf and had a visit to the Military Museum.

Then Auntie went back to Ipoh for a visit bring along Mei n Lucas. Brandon couldnt go becoz he had a surgery to let out the blocked teeth to align properly.

Oct 2017

This is the hottest month of the year, with heat waves and no rains. We also had a host of problems with the plumbing and water tank leaking so more money spent. Now coming with the auto gate jammed. Sigh! also this is the month that I switched from SDB to DTT.
At first didnt have much to do , luckily we had a lunch buddy to makan for the first day. Subsequently its off to work at Bangsar South to my x-potential employer. It was a whirlwind of introductions and also reading up on their ops. Really "different". So had to suck it up and we have a new team formed to go live in Jan 2018, feels like part of the movie MIx series.

Well didn't go anywhere interesting just hung around KL and this is the exam month as well. Thinking of stopping Teacher Yap for the 2 as I don't see much improvements for Lucas school work. Need to think of another centre for his school work. Another headache. A least Ah Mei we had decided to finish the CLC the on to Chong Hwa the following year.

One interesting event we went was the circus.

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2017 Sep happenings

Well the Aug holidays came and we had a few parties and outings.

Then we went to Bentong hot springs again, with an additional outing to waterfalls.

Went to additional KL Tower trip and Merchants Lane as well. Found a snake at our door gate as well.

Finally at the end of the month we had a short get together playing lanterns with Heidi Hilda and some outings, celebrated my birthday at Menate near Starparc which was not very nice.

2017 Aug

Month of Aug , personally a very tumultuous month for me but life still moves on. Family wise we still went on our trips and also Brandon is starting his braces treatments and SEA Games 2017 was on. I tried the new MRT system and also tried riding on the Bike sharing system Obike.

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2017 July happenings

This month has some birthdays so we went back to Muar for a short trip for Ah Kong bday.
Then we are planning for Rachels birthday as well.
Below is the list of demands Rachel has.

Pahang Weekend

Since Debbie suggested the weekend she was free so we decided to have a quick getaway to Pahang instead, this time its Raub.
We had never been to this place before and decided to try this little town. We found a website that is simillar to the Bentong web site.
It had lots of details of makan and knick knacks.

At first wanted to book through the new portal but didnt trust the details so since I can book direct I went to ask for the contact at Benum Hill Resort. Overall the place is quite nice. Previously housed for the Khidmat Negara but now since the program had stopped , its now a off beaten track resort with lots of facilities of an outdoor camp.

We tried it for 600/nite inclusive of breakfast. We went to Raub town for dinner and also try their famous Char Kuey Teow.
Went to look around the famous local snacks like peanuts, tow pok , Hakka kueh and then passby Bukit Tinggi again for lunch and shopping.

Ipoh-Manjung-Sitiawan-Lumut-Tg Karang

After a long absence due to being posted to PNG and SB for work. Once reach MY have to quickly make up for the lost holidays I owed them. So even though knowing the long Raya holidays would be jam packed of ppl on the road and restaurants. We waited patiently and made it back to KL for a 3 days 2 nights trip. When we got back , we were exhausted.

Jammed pack at highway for 5 hrs luckily got a quick exit at Slim River to makan lunch took the trunk road to escape the jam a bit then only reached Ipoh. Stayed one night at Ipoh at Majestic again, didnt do a full run of the makan places as couldnt get 2 nights. So we just moved ahead to Sitiawan and also failed to buy the required Mee sua and Gong Piah but we tried a new hotel Sfera which the kids liked becoz of the swimming pool again.

Traveled along long way using the coastal road and planned for lunch initially wanted to eat Sg Janggut ened up at Tanjong Karang waited for 2 hours before lunch at 4pm was served. Quickly eat go home and sleep.

2017 April Happenings

Well April is the birthday month of so many Debbie, Ah Ma, Lucas, Doreen etc, so had a few outings and also multiple birthday celebration.

Ah Kong still recovering at IJN.

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Happy 7th Birthday Lucas

We decided to have a simple celebration for him on the actual day. So I rushed back from work to pick up the cake n KFC. Then had the sing along and makan before their tuition session. Unfortunately Mummy couldn't make it back in time so she arrived only when they left for tuition. Lucas kept asking where was Mummy and was disappointed why she didn't celebrate with him. Only when they came back from tuition that Debbie called him to wish for his birthday.

Then we had a bigger celebration for the kids at our house on Sat where they had a pool and ice cream. Daphne, Diana, Ah Kung, Ah Ma also came.

Lucas 7th Big Bday Celebration from Pang on Vimeo.

2017 Feb-Mar Happenings

Life went on as usual, Lucas got diagnosed for short sighted and astigmatism and got glasses. Went on food hunting for Korean BBQ. My car got banged, now still waiting for repairs.

The kids went for holiday classes at CLC. Went on a short holiday at Bukit Gambang Resort City with makan at Bukit Tinggi. Ah Bee wanted to tag along, so both families went on a 2 day 1 night trip.
Our garden got started after paying thousands for it, starting some herbs and chilli.

2017 CNY

Its that time of year again, where the new year feast preparation that needs to be done, errands to run , angpao $$ to prepare, sigh!!! its time to get broke again.

We had the usual gathering at my place, this year we tried to have some wax meat with rice, of course prepared by Debbie. Yummmy very nice!!!. We had it as fried rice for breakfast as well. So we made the trip down south Seremban first then Muar. As can see Lucas was quite brave to hold Uncle Lewis Gan's pet gecko and snake. Then came back afterwards during the holidays. I took 1 week off then lepak at home. Brandon and Lucas had to start school on 2nd Feb so we had to get home before 1st Feb.

Celebrated Hilda's birthday at the club near Tanjung Emas.

As usual the lion dance at Muar

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Happy New year 2017

It's a new year and a new beginning especially for Lucas who is starting his primary school.
Luckily he didn't fuss much about the new environment and the school is adjusting the kids to slowly adapt to the ways of the school. There were lots of parents and the usual circus around the school. The worse was the High Comm of Bangladesh set up their office right outside the condo and it drew crowds of Bangla workers with the taxi drivers and the temporary stalls around the place.

In between we visited a few places around town to see the different decorations for the CNY.
And also not forgettingt he JB Xmas trip where we had some fun visiting JB gang

JB Xmas Sing from Pang on Vimeo.