2018 CNY

Well CNY is here, Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018. This year same as previous years is at my place. It was a rather muted celebration we went to buy most of the stuffs and only cooked some vegetables and steam fish. So since everyone had a holiday on the eve and I took leave as well. We planned to go to the morning market to buy some stuffs and eat breakfast as well. Then off to pick up the Poon Choi and Yee Sang at Dragon-i, then off to pick up the steam chicken and also lunch at Publika before picking up the Pork trotters from Hup Kee Jln Ipoh.

After the long drive, we came home and I had to catch a nap as the weather was hot and I was exhausted. By the time I woke up, everything was set with help from Debbie and the kids. We had the usual makan. Then angpao and the kids wanted to finish up all the fire crackers which everyone had fun.

First and second day was spent as usual at Seremban and Muar came back on Monday, very tired and had some rest on Tuesday but Brandon and Rachel had to go school on Tuesday. Lucas had an extra holiday but still need to go tuition.